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New Layout!

I was in desperate need of a new blog layout - so after days of trying to figure out how to change it on my own (which I never figured out) I finally found Shauna and she helped me! I think she did a great job! She was wonderful to work with and came up with this cute layout! I needed a cute blog!
In other news...the weekend was a good one. I just went home and saw the family, and the cute little baby boy. (no new pictures, I don't know why I didn't take any I just didn't think of it)
Also... I finally ordered my cake! Woo hoo! My weddding to do list is growing shorter by the day! Praise the Lord!
I hope everybody had a great weekend!
Today is a rainy Monday morning - Is it weird that I love rainy mornings? I just hope that it drys up before lunch. I am starving.



  1. Clicked on your blog while visiting other blogs and I was drawn to yours because you are from Oklahoma. I was raised in the Texoma area, but now live in Texas. I too was once a meeting planner!

    Stop by sometime!

  2. Wow,this layout is amazing!


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