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Life Through Cards

Tonight is Saturday night and I found myself alone and bored. I decided to take advantage of this boring night and begin packing my things for the move next month. Luke will move into our apartment at the end of this month so I will be able to move things over there then. So packing a little at a time and getting it moved week by week makes sense to me.

So the packing began. I began putting my purses in a giant box, packing my winter shoes in a tub, and placing jeans in suitcases. I then began digging at the back of my closet and found a white box. I haven't lived in this room very long, but for some reason I couldn't remember what was in that box. So I opened it up and found cards upon cards. I have always been a person that saves too much and apparently I have saved every card ever given to me in the past 4 years. As I said earlier this night was a boring night so I began reading through the cards. I have never realized how much cards can tell you about your life.

As I was reading the cards I watched the progression of friendships. Cards dating back to 2004 showed the signs of a friendship just beginning, the words a little awkward not knowing what to say, obviously we were just beginning to get to know each other - and a card from the same person from my most recent birthday showed proof of a strong, trusting, dependent frienship.

Other cards showed the decline of a friendship. Cards from a friend that had words written of a friendship that was close and trusting - followed by cards that began to show a friendship that was falling apart, words that lacked emotion or love, simply words written on a card to fill the gap of a frienship that no longer existed, those were the tough ones to read. While reading the card it was as if I was going back in time, knowing that the friendship was falling apart but not knowing what to do about it. As I closed the card it felt like I was closing that friendship once again. All I have now are the words in that card.

Then there were cards filled with prayers from when my lungs collapsed. They were filled with words from friends and family offering, prayer, time, and encouragement. Cards from different achievements in life; graduation and congratulations of a new job. Cards from numerous birthdays. Numerous cards filled with love from parents, grandparents, and the future in-laws.
Cards from a love blooming. I saved every card Luke has given me. Cards from the beginning of our relationship that show two people trying to figure out what they are doing and if they will continue it, leading to cards that show a love that is close, and comfortable and growing every day.

I had no idea that this white box contained so many memories of my life. Cards that made me laugh, cry, miss a friend, feel encouraged by a friend, and most of all cards that made me want to write all of my friends a card to let them know how much they are loved. Because there is nothing better than reading the sweet words that a friend has written you. Years later I would want them to pull the card out, read it, and enjoy the memory.



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  2. "Then there were cards filled with prayers from when my lungs collapsed. They were filled with words from friends and family offering, prayer, time, and encouragement."

    I know you were talking about the card from Brandon!!!

  3. I had to erase the first comment because I made a copy/paste error.

  4. Aw, love this post. I save ALL my cards too. A majority of Jason's and my relationship was through letters. I love reading those. You will never be sorry for saving those!

  5. We are the same here, I have cards saved in an old hat box...and cards from our showers and wedding in a special box, and other miscellaneous cards in a filing cabinet. It is so nice that you had some time to read them all and remember. Your life is about to get more busy with a husband in it! :)

  6. I have the same type of box! I call it my "Heart Box" and I love reading through it from time to time. I cherish every sweet, funny, random, and encouraging word written in there.

    What a great way to liven things up on a boring night! :)

  7. That's really sweet. I save cards too. I especially like the ones where people write something extra inside, those are special. I like reading what's on people hearts, not just a card written by someone else.


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