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Let's Hear it For the Girls (Part 2)

The continuation of my bridesmaids - the remaining 3 are all good friends in my life. I have been friends with all of them for at least 6 years, and I am so happy to have them stand by me on this day. Let's begin ~ once again they are in the order that I met them.

Kara - Kara and I met and became friends 10 years ago. I started going to the same church as her my 8th grade year and we have been close friends every since. I have soooo many great memories with Kara. She had a pool at her house and we literally spent every summer laying in the pool - we would come inside, eat lunch, and watch the soap opera 'Passions' (yes, I actually admit that) and then we would head back out to the pool. So many church camps, retreats, and mission trips with her. She is someone that I know I can always call if I need advice or if I need to just vent. I am thankful for our friendship. I was the Maid of Honor in her wedding 4 years ago and it is fitting that she would be apart of this day.

Now I have a ton of pictures of Kara and I when we were younger - but none on my computer. When I get a chance I will scan some on my computer.

Here we are at one of my wedding shower's

Jodi - I met Jodi my freshman year of college. We lived in the same dorm and we were a couple of doors down from each other. We pretty much became friends very quickly. The amazing thing was that we discovered that not only did we live about 8 minutes away from each other in our hometown, but we lived on the same main street. Crazy! So while it was bittersweet to leave college and leave all our friends, we were still able to spend the whole summer together! It was great.
Freshman year we used to stay up all night just talking - now, we don't even know what we were talking about but I guess it seemed important at the time - o college. We went from livng together in the dorms to living together in an apartment on campus for 2 more years. We have been friends every since (give or take a couple of months). We still talk everyday - if I don't talk to her I feel weird like something in my day is missing. This friendship is a very important one in my life.
I was a bridesmaid in Jodi's wedding 2 years ago and I am so honored ot have her stand in my wedding.

Me and Jodi at her wedding

Here we are freshman year - when the friendship began - seriously she might kill me for putting this on here!

A recent picture...much better.

Tambra - Tambra and I also met my freshman year, but not until second semester when she moved on my hall. We didn't become good friends quite so quickly, but it happened eventually. I started going to the church that Tambra was working at our Junior year (and now the church that Luke works at) and that is when our friendship really began to develop. Actually I think we were good friends before that, but I guess us going to the same church kicked it into high gear! She is such an important asset in my life. If I have an important cooking, cleaning, or just common sense question and I can't get a hold of my mom, I call Tambra. If Luke asks me how to do something, (example, get a stain out of a shirt) and I don't know how to do it my reponse is usually "call Tambra she will know". Tambra took me in when I didn't have anywhere to live and we were able to live together for several years. She is such a hardworker and probably the most self-less person I know (sometimes a little too self-less, I have to get on to her about it). I am so excited to have her stand in my wedding. Not only because of her friendship with me but, also because she worked with Luke at the church for a couple of years and they share a close bond, it makes it more special!

So Tambra and I have been close friends for many years - yet it is really hard to find a picture of us together, I guess we just don't take pictures. Here are some from a couple of years ago - I know that is so sad.

We have fun together....

Graduation! Woo Hoo! This is at our apartment, you can't tell but this apartment was a little sketchy. I was scared for my life most nights, but Tambra always told me that we would be ok so I believed her. We were ok. Nothing ever happened.

So those are my 5 bridesmaids! All such beautiful, wonderful girls. I am blessed to have such great sisters and friends.



  1. so i love that night that the pictures were taken in starbucks. remember when we took the feet picture. fun times

  2. yeah obviously we were friends before digital cameras came around-i personally think that is a good thing!
    Also i would like to clarify...U would watch Passions with Kim-I went back outside! :) I think we watched days of our lives too because i remember Bell or Bella on there

  3. This is a really sweet way to honor your friends :)


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