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Let's Hear it For the Girl's (Part 1)

Due to the fact that I don't have much to talk about right now - I decided to devote a post to my bridesmaids. They are all very important in my life and I am close to all of them! When choosing my bridesmaids it was a fairly easy decision. Here they are in the order that I met them.

1. Kati (Maid of Honor and my sister)

It was easy to choose my Maid of Honor. My sister is so important in my life and she will always be my sister. I knew that I wanted her to stand next to me on this special day. She recently had her own baby and it has been so amazing watching her develop into a cute little mom.
I was four when she was born - I don't remember much about it other than I was excited to have a baby sister!

Here we are when she was just 3 days old. I look so excited!Here we are in our first home - Apparently we were excited about those pumpkins (I remember LOVING that outfit I have on! ha!)

2. Haley - My next bridesmaid is my other sister: Haley She is the 'Sister of Honor" (a couple of years ago when she was still a little girl, she told me "If Kati gets to be the Maid of Honor then I want to be the "Sister of Honor", it makes me laugh everytime I think about it! She was so serious!) I was eight when Haley was born and I soooo desperately wanted a baby brother - I already had a sister, it was time for a brother. My parents waited until she was born to find out what sex the baby was, so I remember waitng for the call from my mom to let me know that I had a brother - I was SURE it was a boy. When my mom told me it was a girl I was very upset and I think I een threw a little fit! (who me? never!) But now 15 years later I am very happy that she was a girl! There is nothing better than having two sisters. Haley keeps us laughing - she doesn't like us to talk about our family before she was born - she feels left out!
Me with Haley when she was just a couple of days old

Me and baby Haley - clearly it was early in the morning.

All three of us

Halloween 1995. My mom made our costumes every year and did such a great job. In fact she did such a good job we always won the costume contests. I was always embarassed because we won every year! This is picture was taken at our yearly neighborhood picnic and I remember being very embarassed when this picture was taken because we had just won. (yes ,I was strange back then as well)

My high school graduation - please pay no attention to my clod-hopper shoes. Seriously were big clunky shoes in style or was I just really out of it??!?!?

A recent picture of us at the fair - a family tradition every year!

The most recent picture of us with the newest addition to the family!

I am so excited to have my sister be apart of the big day! I think they are excited as well, although they are still getting used to the fact that a boy is going to be apart of the family (our dad doesn't count, we have him trained well :-) and Maxton is a boy that was born into the family so I guess that is different).

Ok so those were my my first 2 bridesmaids -

To be Continued with my remaining 3 bridesmaids....



  1. I only had 3 bridesmaids - my two sisters and the friend who introduced Jason and I. I wanted my youngest sis to be a boy too - oh well! What's funny is that my parents had all girls and so far - all grandsons!

  2. Funny!
    Clog hoppers we big in 2002!I though i never wore them i seem to think i by passed all bad trends.

    Its amazing but you look just like yourself only a smaller version as a child. I know that sounds dumb but most people grow out of the baby face but you seem to have been like a cute little grown up as a child.

  3. I loved reading about your sisters! SO sweet, and y'all are all just stunning!

  4. Loved this post. How sweet!

    The shoes were fabulous darling, just fabulous!! :)

  5. That is the sweetest post :) I have no sisters (well, blood anyway, I have 2 halves) it was really sweet getting to live vicariously for a sec.

    Every single one of you are really pretty. Gosh!!!

  6. i like seeing pics of them when they are little cause that is always how i remember them! I guess I need to accept they are grown now :)

  7. You and your sisters are gorgeous!


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