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Just a Normal Conversation

One of the reasons I fell in love with Luke is he always keeps me laughing. He isn't the type that is always cracking jokes, but he is one of those people that is just hilarious without even trying.

Here is a recent conversation we had - just another reason why he always keeps me laughing.

The setting: We were at Braum's, Luke ran in to get a gallon of milk, I stayed in the car - I noticed two women in the car next to us, think they looked like they were in their upper forties or lower fifties.

The Conversation

Luke (getting back in the car) - Um.. did you notice those two women staring at me?
Megan - Who?
Luke - Those women in the car next to us, they were looking at me really weird
Megan - O no I wasn't paying attention
Luke - hm... They must have been Cougars.

You know you are watching too much E! when your boyfriend knows the 2008 definition of a Cougar.



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