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I Can't Help it....I'm Just a Product of My Upbringing

Do you remember the first time you realized that something your family has always done or said wasn't exactly normal? It may have been sometime in high school, or when you first went to college, or maybe it came later in life but chances are it probably happened.

For me it occurred more than once. And it was traumatic, to say the least.

The first time it happened I had just gone to college. I was a young girl venturing out into the real world on her own (because college dorms, living with friends, staying up late, and parents still paying for everything equal the real world, hm...) So anyways here I was at college with new friends trying my best to make sure that I appeared completely normal so that these friends would 'stick'. Well I remember the fateful night my 'true colors' were shown. We were watching TV and I very casually asked for the switcher.

Do you know what a switcher is? Well in my family it is the thing you use to SWITCH the TV channels and volume - I mean how obvious is that THE SWITCHER? Well apparently everybody else in America calls this little contraption a Remote Control. This seriously threw my life for a tail spin. What? You don't call it a switcher? What? Are you making fun of me? Oh yes my friends, I was made fun of A LOT for that one. In fact this little word still pops out from time to time and Luke reminds me just how bad it sounds.

The next story isn't something my family says but it is something my family does. Every person in my family sleeps with a fan blowing in their face. Not a ceiling fan, nope that doesn't cut it. Instead we sleep with a stand up fan blowing full force in your face. This was something that I thought was normal when I was little. I thought that everybody's dad slept with a big white fan blowing gusts of air in their face while they slept.

Well this habit is not an easy one to have. For example when we went on our cruise EVERYBODY had to bring their own fan (because sharing one would just be absurd, how can it blow directly in your face at the speed of light if you are sharing it?). So here we are loading up on the cruise ship with each individual fan. Have you ever been on a cruise ship? Well let me ask you this, have you ever been in the back seat of a Honda Accord? That is about how big the cabins are on the cruise ship. Not a lot of room for everybody to have their own individual fan.
But let me tell you: my family made it work!

I must admit: I still sleep with a fan blowing in my face. I tried to break the habit recently but I couldn't go to sleep. There is just something about a loud motor running in my ears and gusts of air blowing in my face that creates a good sleeping enviroment for me!
What can I say? I'm just a product of my upbringing!

Random stories I know: I am still on security duty at church. Bored out of my mind.
I am still trying to figure out how I got in this position....


  1. Oh, the switcher! I feel a special bond with you since I have gotten a lot of flack over the years for the same thing. But, this family calls it the "CLICKER." People just go crazy over that. Hilarious!

    So funny about the fan. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!!

  2. yeah so my mom, my brother and I all sleep with a fan on. Now mine can not blow on me or my face or legs but i still use it every night.

    It is important.

    I get you.

  3. We sleep with a fan on in my house and even my kids are used to it now. So when the fan gets turned off, they wake up! LOL We don't like it blowing in our face though, just need it for the noise.

    Last night our power was out and it was very hard to go to slumberland without my friend the fan.

    We travel with one too. For our beach trip we took one for our room and a small one for the kids' room!

  4. Oh I feel your pain!

    The things people make fun of me for are these:

    I say: Buggy
    They say: Shopping Cart

    I say: Palette
    They say: Bed on the floor

    I say: Toboggin
    They say: Winter Hat

    I could keep going.... I am a constant source of things to make fun of! So keep on calling it a switcher! And the fan in the face? I am RIGHT THERE WITH YA SISTER!

  5. That's so funny! I think switcher makes perfect sense. I would tell you things from my family, but, alas, they probably are not remotely appropriate. Let's just say my parents were hippies.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog!This is embarrassing to admit, but I was telling my husband a few years ago that when I was little I loved to ride on "the hump" in the back seat of my grandma's car. He then informed me that "the hump" was actually an arm rest :)
    This should make you feel better about you clicker story!!

  7. oh good grief...i could write a thirty page comment on how weird i've discovered my family to be...we'll have to talk about this in person sometime...I have some weird stuff to share. = )

  8. You're hilarious! We sleep with a ceiling fan and a stand up fan too and when we go on trips the stand up fan comes along. Although, we are able to share so it makes it a bit easier.


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