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Weekend Update

The weekly weekend update:

The first part of this weekend was spent traveling: 1st to see my family and then up to see

Luke's family. I took the day off on Friday so after I woke up (much later than I wanted to) we headed out on the road to begin our weekend adventure.

Friday about an hour after our adventure began I had my hand out the window just letting it blow in the wind while singing alone with the music (I'm sure it wasn't anything good - when we are in Luke's car he gets to choose the music - sick.) anyways..... I had my hand out the window when all of a sudden I felt TREMENDOUS pain - Luke had rolled up the window on my hand!!!!!!!!! He says it was an accident - I think it was a plot to get me to stop singingl. After I stopped singing and dried my tears I pulled out my camera to document the injury - Just in case I need it in the future

As I was taking this picture I heard Luke mumble under his breath "stupid blog" HA! It made me laugh.

So after the near loss of my right hand we finally made it!
Here is Luke and I with Baby Maxton: (yes, Luke has the remote in his hand - he was real interested in the baby for about the first 2 minutes then he was tuned in to ESPN)

After our visit at my parents house we ventured up to Luke's house and spent Saturday with his parents. We went and picked out the tuxes which is a BIG relief! Only a couple more big tasks to take care of and then we can get married!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend. We are watching Star Wars: Return of the Jedi right now - I just keep thinking how cute little Hayden Christensen is underneath that mean Darth Vader mask.

Here are some cute pictures:


  1. "Stupid blog"


  2. It was great to see you and Luke on Sunday. We're disappointed that we didn't make the blog!! lol

    I'm sad, however, that Luke has already resorted to're not even married yet. Kick him in the shins the next time he rolls your arm up in the window. Then, tell him it was an accident. : )

  3. i love him... he is so little... that is so amazing.

  4. Jason laughs that I threaten people with, "Careful, you might end up on my blog!" Mean old Luke!

    This pic of your sister sleeping with your nephew is precious.

  5. Maxton is too cute! I've really been thinking about starting my own blog. I'll keep you posted! Miss you!


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