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Spring Cleaning and Hair Help let me explain me what my life is like right now.

Everyday after work I come home change clothes (from work clothes to comfy lounge clothes) and head over to Luke's apartment to hang out with him for the evening. I hardly ever spend time in my room. I come home change clothes, go to Luke's come back home, go to bed and start over. Basically what I'm trying to say is I never pay attention to what my room looks like. The other night I came home opened my door and this is what I found:
No, my room was not broken in to, nor did anybody come in, ransack it and then run out - this is simply how I left it (although I have no recollection of how this happened). So, I thought to myself "well it is already messy I might as well pack up my winter clothes and bring out my summer clothes" HA. Little did I know how long that would take. So about 3 hours later I finished packing up my winter clothes and getting out my summer clothes - here is my closet after the summer clothes came out. (By the way, I am having my annual Megan Gives Away A Lot of Clothes - if you are interested stay tuned)
So 2 hours later I had a semi-clean (as close as it can get with everything I own crammed into one room) room and a nice organized closet.

OK SO on to the important things in life: HAIR. I really wanted to make sure that my blog did not become all about my wedding - but this is a wedding question and I am need of some serious advice. Dear Friends I NEED YOU!

OK so here is the dilemma: Should I wear my hair UP or DOWN at my wedding? I know, I know, the serious things in life. Last night I had this great post written about what God is currently teaching me but I didn't post - too serious, this blog is for hair. (I'm totally joking I plan on posting it soon). Anyways I digress, so UP or DOWN? This is what I was thinking for UP I would wear it low and loose - nothing too stuffy. For DOWN I was thinking half up and curly.
Here is a picture of me with it up - this is from 2 years ago and it wouldn't be this exact style but you get the general idea

I don't have any pictures of me with it half way up and curly (and by that I mean I don't have any pictures that I want to put on here with it half way up) so just look at my engagement pictures below and imagine it (I have faith in you).

Here is kind of what I was thinking though: This is a picture of Jessica Simpson on her wedding day - I know these pictures no longer apply to her life but just look at the hair.
Sooooo what do you think?
*If it helps you my dress is strapless, I can send you a link to it if you need to see it, but I'm not going to put a picture of it on here for obvious reasons*

I know this wasn't the most interesting post but HELP!!!! (please)


  1. rarely does that hair style (jessica's) turn out well.

    i like half up and a great side part.

    I think nice and slick in the front so there is no distraction from your face and nice big waves in the back.

  2. I like the Jessica Simpson hair. I have seen brides pull it off beautifully! : )

  3. Jodi would say that!

    Although I agree!!!!!

  4. I think since your dress is strapless you should wear your hair down. Because if there's a lot going on around the neck and shoulders and your hair is down it might look took busy. I really think you should wear your hair down and curly. It would be beautiful!!!

  5. i think you should wear it like jessicas
    i also think since im your sister i get first dibs on the clothes you dont want.

  6. I say hair down as well. But I'm thinking more like AFTER the wedding...I you REALLY want all that hairspray in your hair on your wedding night?!?!?!

    Giving away clothes!!!! I love when my friends do that!!! I'm soooo there :)

  7. I love the JSimpson do.

    Here's why - your hair on your wedding day really is about how you want to protray yourself/how you want others to percieve you.

    The big waves/curls gracefully pinned back gives the impression of someone who is relaxed, a kind of free-spirit, and doesn't take herself too seriously. Plus, it's really pretty.

    So, that's my vote. :)

  8. did u know this was the hair pic I took to my hair dresser for my wedding..i LOVE her hair at her wedding! I so think down....up would be nice but i think heck u have taken all this time to grow it out so show it off!


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