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My Office!

A fellow blogger Kelly shared pictures of her kitchen (which is very beautiful) and encouraged other bloggers to post pictures of their favorite room in their house.

Well, I don't have a house, and I am in the process of moving all my stuff to Luke's, so... currently my favorite room is my office. Yes, my office. I work in an old Victorian home that was built in 1912. It is a great place to work. My office is upstairs in what was once a bedroom. I love working in my office. It is so nice and comfy - and I really enjoy my job. Here are some pictures of my humble working quarters:

This is what my office looks like from the doorway. Please don't mind the messy desk.
Another shot with the windows open. I am surrounded by windows, I love it! Especially when it snows! I love just watching the snow fall down!
This is the right corner of my office. This chair is seriously the most comfortable chair ever. I can't ever sit in it or I would just drift off to sleep. It is a good spot for visitors to sit.

The left corner of my office. Another chair for visitors. This one usually just serves as a jacket and purse holder.Just a shot of the other set of windows.

The best part about my office??!? I didn't have to do any of the decorating. I went out of town for a week last summer and when I came back the girls in my office had done everything for me. So great. I just love this room - there is only one problem: There are some rumors that due to the history of this house, it is thought to be haunted. That freaks me out. I refuse to be there alone.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of my office. Hopefully I will soon have a home to show off!


  1. Oh.....I love your office!!!! This is great - thanks for sharing!


    It's lovely. :)


  3. I would love working in that office too!

  4. I would LOVE to work in that office!

  5. HI! Your office is beautiful and looks like a fabulous setting for work!

    I came across your blog from Kelly's and noticed you were from OK. I live in the OKC metro area and had to stop by.

  6. its so weird to see that my 8th grade friend is old enough to have an office--weird i keep thinking she is not old enough!
    o and along the lines of the haunted house...remember u last post about not being fearful :)


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