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Allergies, American Idol, and Ulcers

So I have been at a loss for words lately. It could be due to stress. Once again I have random thoughts going through my head, for the sake of a new post I will share my random thoughts:

- How do you scratch the inside of your ear? My ears itch so badly due to all of the pollen floating through the air and shaking my finger furiously in my ear doesn't seem to do the trick. Any suggestions?

- I think David A. on American Idol is the cutest little thing ever. Is it bad that I cried tonight when he started crying? When he sang the words "my boo" my heart just melted.

- I think I have an ulcer. If you are a Dr. and you somehow stumbled across this blog consider this a divine appointment and diagnose me: My stomach hurts all the time. ALL the time. What does that mean?

- I love Ryan Seacrest. always have, probably always will - even though he needs to stop tanning in the tanning bed.

- What is it about boys who sing that makes them cute? Self Disclosure: When I was in high school I had a crush on my worship leader - I am now marrying a worship leader. Coincidence? Don't worry I fell in love with him before he was a worship leader - I'm with him for more than his vocal chords. But really - a boy can be average looking BUT, put him behind a guitar and microphone and girls wil go crazy over him. Now there are high schools girls who have crushes on Luke. My life has come full circle.

- I still haven't ordered my wedding cake. My stomach is hurting again. Coincidence?

Seriously if you read all of this you are amazing, or bored. I will have more interesting blog posts coming soon - tonight the goal is to get in bed before midnight. Goodnight.


  1. First! Yes

    (on my favorite blogs that millions of people read, the first blogger always puts that)

    order your cake.

    Your engagement pictures are fabulous.

    I can't wait for Saturday.

    Come Friday.

  2. You're a funny girl! I do have a trick to scratch the inside of my ears. But it isn't very attractive. You have to make a really weird noise with your throat. The vibration will scratch your ears. I don't recommend doing it in public though.
    Oh and for your question on my blog - the 19th.

  3. You are hilarious!!! Let me know if I can relieve some stress and help you in any way!!

    Love you and miss you!

  4. I'm sorry you're having tummy troubles! It's probably just the stress....breathe. Go get a massage before the wedding - you'll feel much better.

  5. stop stressing and get some Nexium (it helped my stomach pain). Have you tried a q-tip for the ear? Everyone says not to use them, but I have for 20+ years and I'm still alive. : )

    I really hope we get to see you guys on Memorial Day weekend.


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