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A Simple Wave

Today around noon I got in my car and headed to Chick Fila to join Luke for lunch. Is it gross that I eat Chick Fila at least 5 times a week? Is it gross that today when I dropped a bobby pin underneath the drivers seat of my car I reached down to retrieve it and instead I pulled out a hard piece of Chick Fila chicken?

As I was driving the usual route to Chick Fila: AkA : the street where bored cops sit on their motorcycles looking for someone to pull over because for some reason the speed limit is only 35" I passed the elementary school that I always pass - today when I drove by it was recess. Usually I glance over and look at the kids and think back to my days at recess and how I spent most days either avoiding boys who had crushes on me because I was scared of boys or standing in line to play tether ball only to be beat in the first 10 seconds.
Well today when I passed there was a group of about 10 girls standing at the fence looking at the street yelling "hiiiiii" to each car as it passed. Today was a BEAUTIFUL day so I was driving with my window down to enjoy this day, and not only did I get to see these cute girls standing at the fence, but I got to hear their "hiiiiiiiiii" as I drove by. So naturally I stuck my hand out and waved at them.

The girls immediately broke out into Squeals and Cheers - For some reason the wave of a stranger brought so much delight to their hour of recess.

I could just see them going back and telling their friends that they yelled "hi" to cars driving by and some people even waved to them!

Oh the life of a child. There are many times when I realize that I am getting too stressed out or trying to think things through too much, when I just need to go back to a child-like faith. Remember to let yourself be amused by the little things in life this week - even it is just a wave from a stranger!

In other news....

How could I let a post go by without mentioning the wedding or preparation for the wedding - I mean at this point it consumes my life so something must be said.

Tonight Luke and I went to go get our hair cut and colored (just me) in preparation for our engagement pictures this week. Here is Luke getting his hair cut by Melinda - He is thinking about wearing his hair this way for our wedding.

Then we came home and Melinda practiced how she is going to fix my hair. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE living with my hairstylist?!?!?! It is amazing. I will miss her soo much! (for more reasons than just the fact that she is really good at hair cutting/coloring/fixing pretty much anything you need)

Melinda practicing my hair to show me what it will look like - of course I will love it. Pray for good weather!!! Our pictures are outside.


  1. That's a lot of Chick-Fil-A eating! Do you get the same thing everytime or do you mix it up?

  2. Ah, Chick-Fil-A....Tennessee is the land of a thousand Chick-Fil-As. They are so popular there! So I don't find that strange at all! I never grow tired of it, and their kids' meals have books instead of toys. My kind of place.

    I need to schedule and appointment with Melinda. I need a good stylist and a new summer 'do. I only get my hair cut like twice a year, and it is about that time!

  3. I <3 Chick-Fil-A!

  4. ok so i am commenting so I do not get in trouble again! U know its bad when I ask the normal everyday question of "what are you doing for lunch" and I always know its one of these 3 things....chik-fil-a, McCalisters, or sitting at ur desk w/ a sandwich. Yeah that pretty much sums it up. I like the color in ur hair-remember when u were like totally blonde?
    And I still yell Hi at strangers...does that make me weird? I thought it was normal! I just like getting weird looks!

  5. Kara, you forgot subway!
    And I was totally blonde about 3 months ago....Is that what you were talking about?

  6. so i love chick fil a too. I also love melinda too. I enjoy you. I think luke looks like elvis in that picture.

  7. ok well I meant short and blonde...and u dont go to subway that much. But I guess it should be included.


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