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Times they are a'changing

As you know I recently got engaged and in 107 days I will become a wifey.
Now this is very exciting and something that I am looking forward to, but in order for this to happen a lot of things have to change. Up until now there has been a constant pattern in my life: My family consists of my dad, mom and 2 sisters, When I went to college and lived in the dorm with all girls, then I moved into an apartment with 3 girls, then I moved in with Tambra (a girl) - the pattern? I HAVE ONLY LIVED WITH GIRLS.

What am I going to do when I live with a gross, stinky, boy????!?!?!
Some questions I have been pondering:

- Who is going to reassure me every morning that my outfit looks fine and I need to stop worrying about it

- Who is going to tell me that my shoes doesn't really go well, or which pair of earrings looks better with this outfit.

-Who is going to pin my shirt/dress for me when I don't want cleavage showing. (seriously who wants to go to work looking like a skank)

- Whose closet am I going to raid whenever nothing in mine is appealing.

- What am I going to do when I need to borrow a tan tank top - I don't have a tan tank top I always go and get it from Tambra's closet.

-Who is going to watch my fashion shows when I buy new clothes and MUST model them to make sure that the purchases were actually good ones - and that the dressing room mirrors weren't deceiving me.

- Who is going to watch The Hills with me and comment on how straight Heidi's hair is, or how ridiculous Spencer is.

Of course I'm looking forward to getting married, these are just some questions that came to my head!
Pray for me as I prepare to live with....a boy!!!!!!

P.S. For the record, Luke isn't really gross or stinky, but he is a boy.

Also, if anybody knows how to make a diaper cake - please let me know! THANKS!


  1. Sister, you will soon find out that in one way or another, even the most "metro" of men (i.e. my husband) is gross and stinky. The thing is, there's no way of really knowing how much til you're hitched.

    I had never lived with a man either - 2 sisters here and even female dogs and cats. I must say that after 7 years it has taken some getting used to! My advice? If at all possible, secure your own bathroom. Now we have a son too who is even more gross and stinky - as Loretta Lynn said "Sometimes it's hard to be a woman."

    As for fashion shows, most hubbies will at least humor you and at least for the first 2 years of marriage, they will always say you look nice, b/c to them, you do! I think the newly-wed goggles don't fall off til year 3. As for chick shows, Jason has never humored me there. That's where your girlfriends come in, they are still (and will always be) very important after marriage b/c there are just some things a hubby won't do with you - like in my case - watch Gilmore Girls or have "Let's pretend we're Rachael Ray" night.

    I am excited for you guys!

  2. ok so

    buy your owe tan tank top

  3. You can always just send me pictures via your phone in the mornings. I am always awake before you. I will let you know how you look.

    And, I am sure that at that point, Luke would enjoy pinning your shirts together...

  4. First things first..I've made a few diaper cakes in my day (picture in photo album on f'book)

    Ok--now on to business. In regard to fashion, questions like "does this match or look good?", and pinning near any sensitive areas like the cleavers--you probably need to keep a close girlfriend to help with these matters. Luke appears to be fashionable, but then again, it could be your influence. It's essential to keep a close girlfriend around at all times to discuss these issues. Dale's really good at making fun of the Hills, and Luke can adjust over time to things like HGTV, The Hills, and girly stuff. Trust me, I think the transition was much easier for the man in my situation. I took one look at the bachelor pad furniture that was moved in my with mine and sorta had a mini-nervous breakdown. Five years later, however, there are still stinky boy habits, but it's well worth it! :)

    Looking forward to July 26th!

  5. I'm with Crystal on getting your own bathroom if at all possible. It really does make life much nicer. :)
    On the pinning of clothing, while Luke may be willing to help you out there, I agree that a girlfriend would be much more trustworthy with a sharp object next to your bosoms.

  6. The separate bathroom was my husband's idea (he's high maitenance) but it's worked GREAT for us! I highly recommend it! Except now when we go on vacation and have to "share" - it is a big adjustment! ha!

  7. sharp objects near the bosoms....OUCH! Yes, don;t give the man a safety pin under any circumstances. LOL!

  8. One pro-u dont really have to fight for bath room time. I just tell Gabe that I take longer to get ready so he needs to get up that a mean wife? Works for me everytime.


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