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One Track Mind

A good thing about having a significant other as a Worship Pastor is that you always know what the "next best song" is going to be. A couple of months ago Luke introduced me to the song God With Us by Mercy Me. Knowing that I'm a sucker for K-Love's biggest hits, he told me that in a couple of months I was going to love this song. Well just call him a Prophet because here we are a couple of months later and I LOVE this song. So today I went to my nearest Mardel and purchased the CD. Only one problem I ONLY listen to this one song. I'm sure the rest of the CD is good, but I am stuck on this one song. Everytime its over I tell myself: just listen to the next song, but I always find myself hitting the button to go to the previous track. If you haven't heard this song yet I suggest you go out and buy this CD and listen to it. Heck, even try listening to the other songs. I'm sure they are good! I will get to them eventually.......

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