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Fun with Friends and a Fiance!

I love hanging out with my friends, and fiance.

I have formed some awesome friendships during the past couple of years and I am so thankful to have good friends that I can always turn to.
Here are some pictures with friends from the past couple of weeks:

Bowling with the Reality group girls. This was a fun night and we made up a fun game bowling charades! You should try it! It is a fun game. I have grown close to these girls and love meeting with them every other week!

Tambra's birthday get together! I don't know why my get togethers always wind up at Starbucks...I hate coffee.

Hanging out at the lake on a Sunday afternoon! This was fun until the wind starting making my ears hurt. When I was 2nd grade my ear drum burst and every since that time my ears are very sensitive. Luke never believes me. He says that I'm a baby.
*All of these pictures have ONE thing in common. If you correctly guess what it is I will give you a special prize.

Contest begins NOW.


  1. You can see your bum in all of them?

  2. you were drunk in all the pictures

  3. You are wearing that white shirt in all of them.

  4. Fun, Friends, Finace - ALL START WITH F

  5. NO,these are all taken with the self timer on her camera. She has been obsessed with it lately.

  6. you are wishing that jayma was in all of the pictues with you.

    I WIN!

  7. no!!!!!! Jayma, I am the winner!!!!


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