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The First Weekend of April

This weekend was beautiful!!!! It made me so excited that spring is on the way - actually lets just skip spring weather and get straight to summer. I need the hot sun pouring down on me. Due to the fact that I'm so cold natured it takes a lot for me to get hot. Usually if it not about 100 degrees I'm just right.
Both Friday and Sunday of this weekend were really fun: Here is a recap:

Hanging with Jenn and Steph and Luke's show. IT has been a long time since I have hung with these girls and it was great. We had such a GREAT time! And we found Steph's new favorite place to eat and hang.

Hanging with the superstar himself

Luke doing what he loves the most.


Luke loading his car for his show. He had a show in Stillwater and I was not able to go :-( It was a sad day. My Saturday was pretty boring! But his show went well and I was happy about that!

Helping Luke load the car - Is this what my future looks like?


Eating with some of the 'church gang'. This was the first time I did not make the decision of where we were going. I have been accused of being controlling in the past. I don't believe it for a second!

Sunday afternoon we headed down to Bricktown to go to the Redhawks game. So fun!! I really don't enjoy baseball but I do enjoy baseball food and fun friends. This is me with Tiffany and Liz. Tiffany didn't have a seat so she had to sit on Liz's lap. True Story.

Luke and Adam. Adam we miss you!!!!

Me and my super cute future husband. O what a good weekend!


  1. Looks like you had a really fun weekend!

  2. I loved this weekend. I love that i spent Sunday with you and the baptist Icon himself!

  3. I wish we had got a picture! When does Luke play again?


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