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April Showers Bring May Babies

This weekend I took a break from wedding planning (thank you Lord) and went home to help host a baby shower for my younger (middle) sister Kati. Kara was gracious enough to open her house for us to use (since I live in a different city). The shower went really well and Kati left with lots of goodies. Here is a shower recap:

The night before: taking a quick run to TJ Maxx to see if there were any cute outfits waiting for us to wear the next day! Haley found a dress for the shower - I just left with a cute new shirt!
Me with Kati. She looks so good! Only one more month left!
Kati with her cute fire truck cake to go along with her theme.

Opening (and recording) all of the goodies!

Thanks Kara for letting us use your house! It was a great time!

I am excited to be an Auntie! What are the duties of an aunt? Hopefully not changing any dirty diapers.....


  1. That looks like a great shower. Way to go Megan!

  2. It looks like tons of fun!

  3. I like Kara's green walls. I need to ask you about this in person. Too bad I have only seen you a total of 7 minutes since the shower!!!

  4. Being an Auntie, speaking from almost 2 yrs of experience is much like being a grandparent ('cept your hips don't pop everytime you pick the kid up) get to buy them fun clothes, loud toys, and when they are old enough to eat real food, you sugar them up and send them home. Ahhh...the life of an Auntie.

  5. I dont really love this picture...we should of had someone taller take it. Just my 2 cents...


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