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First Wedding Shower!

This weekend was our first shower! It was sooo fun! We had a great time and received so many great gifts that we will put to use soon! Plus it was a BEAUTIFUL weekend: Here is a recap:

Our pretty cupcake cake. These were deliciously filled with fruit filling!

Opening our very first gift! I think I was afraid that Luke was going to rip the bow. I need those for my rehearsal bouquet!

Opening the quilt my mom made for us. I was so excited! I was secretly hoping that she would make us one! :-)

Us with our new quilt. It has pictures all over it from our years of dating, and our name monogrammed in the top left corner and the date of our wedding in the bottom right corner.

Us listening closely to Samantha tell us how much she loves these pots and pans. They were the gift from the hostesses. We were excited to get them!

Reading the cards.

Woo hoo our dishes! They are so pretty!

Me with 4 of my bridesmaids (missing one). They are so pretty!

Luke and I with our mothers.

Me with my mom, grandma, and sisters

This is how I felt at the end of the day: overwhelmed!!

It was such a beautiful shower and a fun day. We are so thankful to everybody that helped put it together and everybody who came to enjoy the fun with us!


Tag - I'm It!

Summer tagged me!

Here are the rules:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player tags 5 people and posts their name, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

What was I doing 10 years ago? I was in eighth grade enjoying the easy middle school life. Also, I was IN LOVE with Hanson and went to two of their concerts that year. I started wearing contacts that year, I had bangs and my fashion sense was horrible.

5 snacks I enjoy in a perfect non-weight gaining world:
1. Brownie batter everyday for breakfast
2. Pepperoni Pizza every night
3. Yellow Cake batter
4. Chocolate chip cookies dipped in funfetti icing
5. Sour Patch Kids (I hope in this perfect non weight gaining world, it is also a perfect non-getting that sore spot on your tongue when you eat lots of sour things)

In the real world: I eat. Most of the time I get annoyed by trying to figure out where to eat - it is a difficult process sometimes.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Buy my family any home they wanted, travel all around the world, buy the best musical equipment you can find, help others.

Five jobs that I've had:
1. Sears
2. Abercrombie and Fitch
3. Worked at a country club where I was a waitress, pool window girl, bev-cart girl, and halfway-house girl.
4. Worked for a production company - as the owner's assistant (also known his biotch) where I was verbally abused everyday (I'm not bitter)
5. Bank of America

Three of my bad habits:
1. Picking the hem out of ALL of my shirts - whenever I pick it out of the bottom I move to the sleeves, when those are done I move to the collar, until all the hems of all of my shirts are completely ripped out and the shirt looks raggedy. Seriously I need help
2. Worrying all the time about everything
3. Shopping and thinking that I can't repeat an outfit

Five places I've lived:
1. Wewoka, OK
2. Henryetta, OK
3. Broken Arrow, OK
4. St. Louis, MO
5. Edmond, OK

And the five people I'm tagging are:


Random Thoughts From Me has been a slow week. Nothing blog-worthy. But I have collected random facts over the week and I will now share them:

1. I am a much happier person when it is warm and I can wear a comfy dress.

2. I don't handle change well.

3. I don't handle alone time well.

4. I have had to deal with both of these this week. I am learning.

5. I just realized I still haven't ordered a wedding cake - and I'm not freaking out! Hallelujah!

6. Through the years I have learned what a "true friend" is and what it entails. There have been a few surprises in this area - but no disappointments. I am thrilled att new friendships that are beginning, and I'm over friendships that were lost.

7. We got our first wedding gift! WOO HOO!

8. I am really trying to understand the presidential election this year and what each candidate can offer. It is actually kind of interesting. I was scared into voting for a certain candidate last elction, so this time around I am doing my homework.

9. Almost every night I have a strong urge to cook something delicious: but I have no utensils and no kitchen that I feel "at home" in. Soon I will be a cooking crazy! I just need EASY recipes.

10. Good Morning America is not good for me. As much as I love Diane, Robin, Chris and Sam they really freak me out about the economy. I think I need a break from GMA *tear*

11. I have this strong desire in my heart that has been stirring for awhile to do something big to help others - I don't know what it is yet, but I think time and the Big G (God) will tell.

12. Facebook has chat now. End of Story.

13. LOST STARTS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke and I have our first shower this weekend - fun times! I shall return with lots of goodies and pictures to share!



"Show me how to love like You have loved me, break my heart for what breaks Yours"

This line is from the song 'Hosanna' - which I'm sure is sung by many different people but I am currently listening to it on the Hillsong CD "All of the Above".
This particular line has always spoke out to me - but more so this week. I long for this to be the theme of my life, that my heart would be broken for what breaks God's heart.
How many times do I turn my eyes from situations around me?
A person who just needs a friend.
A person who needs a bit of money for food.
Children who are dying of disease and hunger as I sit comfortably in my home worrying about what to eat for dinner.
Families who are struggling with sick children just trying to figure out how they will make ends meet, all the while trying to figure out what they can do to help their child survive.
I shamefully admit a lot of times I turn my eyes away from these situations. Not on purpose, but it is something that happens when I become so consumed with my life and my 'problems'.

Just this week Luke and I had to go and take care of a little business downtown (see previous post and pay particular attention to the bitterness I have toward Edmond police). While we were there I asked the girl behind the counter what she needed to see from me - she gave me her answer in a very rude, unprofessional, and tacky way - so I did what any "WWJD bracelet wearing Christian would do" I was very rude back to her and smarted off to her (not my finest moment).
Luke, from what I am sure was complete embarrassment said "Megan" under his breathe, probably to help me understand how ridiculous I looked and to please not embarrass him any further.

Well I helped the situation by very loudly stating "well if she wants to be rude to me then I will be rude right back to her". Yup, that was a beautiful moment.
After we left Luke very kindly reminded me that I have no idea what that girl is going through, and she could have had a very bad day and I had a moment to show her God's Love and instead I chose to be rude to her.
Geez. Talk about putting me in my place. Thanks for that one.
1 point for Luke on the Godly scale, negative zero for me.

I say all of this to say simply, my perspective has been off, and I apologize for that. Not to any particular person but just in general. Tonight God has humbled me and is beginning the process of changing my heart. My prayer is that God would break my heart for what breaks his, and remind me when I am allowing the little things to consume me.

P.S. I haven't worn a WWJD bracelet since junior high - just expressing a point. Do they even make those anymore? I think the yellow rubber Lance Armstrong bracelets replaced them for awhile. I wonder what is next inthe bracelet world......


A Simple Wave

Today around noon I got in my car and headed to Chick Fila to join Luke for lunch. Is it gross that I eat Chick Fila at least 5 times a week? Is it gross that today when I dropped a bobby pin underneath the drivers seat of my car I reached down to retrieve it and instead I pulled out a hard piece of Chick Fila chicken?

As I was driving the usual route to Chick Fila: AkA : the street where bored cops sit on their motorcycles looking for someone to pull over because for some reason the speed limit is only 35" I passed the elementary school that I always pass - today when I drove by it was recess. Usually I glance over and look at the kids and think back to my days at recess and how I spent most days either avoiding boys who had crushes on me because I was scared of boys or standing in line to play tether ball only to be beat in the first 10 seconds.
Well today when I passed there was a group of about 10 girls standing at the fence looking at the street yelling "hiiiiii" to each car as it passed. Today was a BEAUTIFUL day so I was driving with my window down to enjoy this day, and not only did I get to see these cute girls standing at the fence, but I got to hear their "hiiiiiiiiii" as I drove by. So naturally I stuck my hand out and waved at them.

The girls immediately broke out into Squeals and Cheers - For some reason the wave of a stranger brought so much delight to their hour of recess.

I could just see them going back and telling their friends that they yelled "hi" to cars driving by and some people even waved to them!

Oh the life of a child. There are many times when I realize that I am getting too stressed out or trying to think things through too much, when I just need to go back to a child-like faith. Remember to let yourself be amused by the little things in life this week - even it is just a wave from a stranger!

In other news....

How could I let a post go by without mentioning the wedding or preparation for the wedding - I mean at this point it consumes my life so something must be said.

Tonight Luke and I went to go get our hair cut and colored (just me) in preparation for our engagement pictures this week. Here is Luke getting his hair cut by Melinda - He is thinking about wearing his hair this way for our wedding.

Then we came home and Melinda practiced how she is going to fix my hair. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE living with my hairstylist?!?!?! It is amazing. I will miss her soo much! (for more reasons than just the fact that she is really good at hair cutting/coloring/fixing pretty much anything you need)

Melinda practicing my hair to show me what it will look like - of course I will love it. Pray for good weather!!! Our pictures are outside.


April Showers Bring May Babies

This weekend I took a break from wedding planning (thank you Lord) and went home to help host a baby shower for my younger (middle) sister Kati. Kara was gracious enough to open her house for us to use (since I live in a different city). The shower went really well and Kati left with lots of goodies. Here is a shower recap:

The night before: taking a quick run to TJ Maxx to see if there were any cute outfits waiting for us to wear the next day! Haley found a dress for the shower - I just left with a cute new shirt!
Me with Kati. She looks so good! Only one more month left!
Kati with her cute fire truck cake to go along with her theme.

Opening (and recording) all of the goodies!

Thanks Kara for letting us use your house! It was a great time!

I am excited to be an Auntie! What are the duties of an aunt? Hopefully not changing any dirty diapers.....


Times they are a'changing

As you know I recently got engaged and in 107 days I will become a wifey.
Now this is very exciting and something that I am looking forward to, but in order for this to happen a lot of things have to change. Up until now there has been a constant pattern in my life: My family consists of my dad, mom and 2 sisters, When I went to college and lived in the dorm with all girls, then I moved into an apartment with 3 girls, then I moved in with Tambra (a girl) - the pattern? I HAVE ONLY LIVED WITH GIRLS.

What am I going to do when I live with a gross, stinky, boy????!?!?!
Some questions I have been pondering:

- Who is going to reassure me every morning that my outfit looks fine and I need to stop worrying about it

- Who is going to tell me that my shoes doesn't really go well, or which pair of earrings looks better with this outfit.

-Who is going to pin my shirt/dress for me when I don't want cleavage showing. (seriously who wants to go to work looking like a skank)

- Whose closet am I going to raid whenever nothing in mine is appealing.

- What am I going to do when I need to borrow a tan tank top - I don't have a tan tank top I always go and get it from Tambra's closet.

-Who is going to watch my fashion shows when I buy new clothes and MUST model them to make sure that the purchases were actually good ones - and that the dressing room mirrors weren't deceiving me.

- Who is going to watch The Hills with me and comment on how straight Heidi's hair is, or how ridiculous Spencer is.

Of course I'm looking forward to getting married, these are just some questions that came to my head!
Pray for me as I prepare to live with....a boy!!!!!!

P.S. For the record, Luke isn't really gross or stinky, but he is a boy.

Also, if anybody knows how to make a diaper cake - please let me know! THANKS!


The First Weekend of April

This weekend was beautiful!!!! It made me so excited that spring is on the way - actually lets just skip spring weather and get straight to summer. I need the hot sun pouring down on me. Due to the fact that I'm so cold natured it takes a lot for me to get hot. Usually if it not about 100 degrees I'm just right.
Both Friday and Sunday of this weekend were really fun: Here is a recap:

Hanging with Jenn and Steph and Luke's show. IT has been a long time since I have hung with these girls and it was great. We had such a GREAT time! And we found Steph's new favorite place to eat and hang.

Hanging with the superstar himself

Luke doing what he loves the most.


Luke loading his car for his show. He had a show in Stillwater and I was not able to go :-( It was a sad day. My Saturday was pretty boring! But his show went well and I was happy about that!

Helping Luke load the car - Is this what my future looks like?


Eating with some of the 'church gang'. This was the first time I did not make the decision of where we were going. I have been accused of being controlling in the past. I don't believe it for a second!

Sunday afternoon we headed down to Bricktown to go to the Redhawks game. So fun!! I really don't enjoy baseball but I do enjoy baseball food and fun friends. This is me with Tiffany and Liz. Tiffany didn't have a seat so she had to sit on Liz's lap. True Story.

Luke and Adam. Adam we miss you!!!!

Me and my super cute future husband. O what a good weekend!


One Track Mind

A good thing about having a significant other as a Worship Pastor is that you always know what the "next best song" is going to be. A couple of months ago Luke introduced me to the song God With Us by Mercy Me. Knowing that I'm a sucker for K-Love's biggest hits, he told me that in a couple of months I was going to love this song. Well just call him a Prophet because here we are a couple of months later and I LOVE this song. So today I went to my nearest Mardel and purchased the CD. Only one problem I ONLY listen to this one song. I'm sure the rest of the CD is good, but I am stuck on this one song. Everytime its over I tell myself: just listen to the next song, but I always find myself hitting the button to go to the previous track. If you haven't heard this song yet I suggest you go out and buy this CD and listen to it. Heck, even try listening to the other songs. I'm sure they are good! I will get to them eventually.......


Fun with Friends and a Fiance!

I love hanging out with my friends, and fiance.

I have formed some awesome friendships during the past couple of years and I am so thankful to have good friends that I can always turn to.
Here are some pictures with friends from the past couple of weeks:

Bowling with the Reality group girls. This was a fun night and we made up a fun game bowling charades! You should try it! It is a fun game. I have grown close to these girls and love meeting with them every other week!

Tambra's birthday get together! I don't know why my get togethers always wind up at Starbucks...I hate coffee.

Hanging out at the lake on a Sunday afternoon! This was fun until the wind starting making my ears hurt. When I was 2nd grade my ear drum burst and every since that time my ears are very sensitive. Luke never believes me. He says that I'm a baby.
*All of these pictures have ONE thing in common. If you correctly guess what it is I will give you a special prize.

Contest begins NOW.