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How You Know You Have Ugly Feet

Today I was getting my nails done, I asked the girl doing my nails how much a pedicure was. She told me $35. I said look at my toes what should I do about them so that they will look good at my wedding. After taking a good look at my feet she replied:

"You need to wear close-toed shoes"

My mom has always told me my feet are ugly. Today the truth was realized.
I had really cute strappy open-toed shoes picked out. Time to start shopping (again).


  1. Did she not just mean that you should wear closed toe shoes until the wedding? I know that wearing sandals dries out your feet.
    That's really funny if she meant that you should wear closed toe shoes AT your wedding. I'm sure your feet are very cute. Maybe she was just a meanie.

  2. Megan - thanks for the comment!!!! Congratulations on your engagement!!! We dated three years before we got engaged and I thought it would NEVER happen but the timing was right!
    My feet are the same way. It's 75 degrees today but I'm wearing boots because I'm too ashamed to put my feet in sandals yet. (Plus I need a tan). :-)

  3. When are you going to post again!!!!?


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