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Wordless Wednesday: Roomies

My two roomies. For the past eight months I have lived with these girls and I have enjoyed every month! Tambra and I are old roomies but this is our first time to live with Melinda. We met Melinda at church and after weeks of Tambra and I looking for a place to live Melinda graciously opened her house to us - and lucky for us she is an AMAZING hair stylist.
Melinda just got engaged so Tambra and I have enjoyed hearing all of her wedding details as they come together. I have even been privileged enough to help her with some of her details - even going with her dress shopping, I loved it! BUT pretty soon Tambra and I will be looking for a new place to live once Melinda becomes a Mrs.
Anybody want two awesome roommates?!?!!?!?
My wordless Wednesday's are not very wordless.


  1. I forgot to comment on this. I want the world to know that megan intentionally cropped herself out of the above picture after scolding me for being negative about taking a picture.


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