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Happy Birthday!!!

Today is a very special day. Luke (the cutest boyfriend in the whole world) was born this day 24 years ago!! Since today is Thursday Thirteen I thought I could list 13 of my favorite things about him....but that is waaaay to cheesy for me. So I will just post a couple of fun pictures in honor of his birthday. He will love it! (not really)

This is Luke and I on a snow day (no work!) He LOVES the cold. This is something that I will never understand about him. I do not like the cold.

Luke's graduation day!! May 2007. It was a fun day! (I also graduated that day, even though a walked the year before)

His first love is the guitar, so sometimes he forgets that I'm not a guitar and he picks me up and holds me like a guitar....

Even though most of our pictures seem normal: the following are two examples of what I go through just to get him to take a normal pictures....he keeps things exciting!

Happy Birthday Luke! I'm glad you were born!


  1. he's cute!

    found you through summer's blog.

  2. I really liked this post. Thank you for not being a disgusting couple that makes out in public and writes ridiculously sweet things for everyone to read.


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