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The First Time (again)

I witnessed something incredible tonight......let me back up and start from the beginning.
A few weeks ago after the NY Giants won the Super Bowl I immediately got online and ordered a T-shirt and a Giants dvd for the biggest NY Giants fan I have ever met (also known as my boyfriend). Unfortunately the dvd was still being put together and wouldn't be shipped out until the end of February. I went ahead and told Luke that I had ordered it and it would be here soon....needless to say he was ecstatic.
Fast forward 2-3 weeks later, I came home from work on the windiest day in the history of the world and noticed a small package that had been blown to the corner of the porch, I instantly became excited because I knew what was waiting inside of that small package...a red and blue dvd that would make one Giants fan VERY happy on that windy day.
After dinner and a good ice cream dessert from Maggie Moo's the dvd was promptly inserted into the Xbox (also serves as a dvd player) and we began watching the season that just ended last month.
As Luke watched this season it was as if he was watching it for the first time. Seriously he cheered when points were scored, got excited about tackles, got angry when balls were intercepted, and yelled towards the TV about bad calls from the ref. All the while I sat in utter amazement. This was something that he had JUST WATCHED. It wasn't a season from 1998 that we were re-watching many years later, It was a season that just happened within the last couple of months. Yet he sat glued to the TV screen reliving every moment, enjoying it, taking it in, loving it. Watching it as if he was watching it for the very first time.
And in a weird way it made me think about my relationship with God. We have so many seasons that we go through in our life. Yet God wants us to get through all of them. Sometimes we feel like life isn't moving forward, that it is a hard time, yet God still wants us to sit through that same season with our eyes glued to him taking in every moment once again. Experiencing him as if we just met him. I'm sure there are times when you may feel that your relationship with God is dry, but I encourage you to look at your relationship as if you are experiencing it for the first time. Laugh with God again, rejoice with him, take in every season. I want to take that same excitement that this NY Giants fan had - and place it in my relationship with God. That every time I meet with Him, I want to go into it with such excitement of knowing Him, excitement of getting to meet with Him, excited that he has chosen me for this life - the same excitement I had when I very first met him.
Who knew that a Giants fan could teach me so much and reopen my eyes? For that I am grateful!


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