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13 Reasons Why I am SO Ready for Warm Weather

Don't get me wrong I DO love the cold weather - BUT for about 2 months and then I am ready for warm weather. I do love all of the seasons - in their time, and then I am ready for the next one! This winter has felt like the loooooongest winter of my life. I am so ready for warm weather.

Here are 13 reasons why I'm ready for warm weather:
13. It is sunny until about 9:30 pm. More time in the day to have fun!!
12. Tank top and a pair of shorts - it is so quick and easy to get dressed in the morning

11. Tan Skin - I know that I could subject myself to the radiation that comes from those crazy death traps, ugh I mean tanning beds, but there is nothing better than a natural tan from the sunshine!
10. The Lake - I don't go all that often but when I do go I love it - and even if I don't go warm weather just brings the feeling of the lake

9. GREEN - I love green grass and trees full of green, so corny but it is such a beautiful sign of Life! I love the grass in this picture

8. Cookouts -
One of our cookouts last year with good friends!

7. Summer Vacation!!! I have no idea where I am going this summer - but hopefully I go somewhere.

6. Wedding Season - yes weddings happen all year long, but I love all of the summer weddings. This sounds like a weird one, but I do want to be a wedding planner one day and I love summer with all of the beautful weddings!
5. The Beach! I don't live anywhere near the beach, but warm weather makes you crave the beach. It is always warm and ALWAYS relaxing!4. SNOWCONES - enough said!
Me, Steph, and Will getting some snow cones last year.

3. Going to the park and zoo

2. Driving with my sun roof open

1. FLIP FLOPS - once the weather hits 70 degrees I am in flip flops everyday until it goes back down into the 60's. My toes need to breathe!! They get to cramped during the winter!! Gotta Love Old Navy Flops!


  1. I'm looking forward to summer time too, especially the longer days. I hate coming home when it's already dark. I love going for walks outside, and that's much harder to do when it's dark and freezing!

  2. I LOOOVVEEEE the zoo! Let's go in the spring!

  3. i want warm weather. it's time to wear shorts everyday to work.


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