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Thursday Thirteen

In honor of this wonderful day - this week's Thursday Thirteen will be..

13 reasons why I LOVE Lost!

13. Its an hour long
12. It gives you great background information on the characters
11. No underdeveloped characters
10. It is filmed in Hawaii - beautiful
9. It has 'real' looking people on it
8. In the midst of everything there are love stories: who does Kate love Jack or Sawyer? Does Jack love Kate? The way Charlie loves Claire and her baby, Rose and her husband and so many more.......
7. It is the fastest hour ever.
6. Polar Bears, Black Smoke, some creepy guy in a hut - always keeps you guessing
5. Cutie Jack
4. Most of the time they really do look like they are on an island. They aren't all done up
3. The twists and turns. We thought the guy with the beard was the leader...turns out creepy "Henry Gale" was
2. It brings people together! How many people have Lost parties?? And when you meet somebody else who watches Lost you immediately have a bond and start asking each other questions about what they think is really happening on the island. It is great!
1. The fact that it starts TONIGHT.

Disclaimer: Yes I know I am a nerd! Don't worry! :-)

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