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Thursday Thirteen blog is pretty boring.

I have been reading other blogs and I found that some people have "Wordless Wednesday" and "Thursday Thirteen". On Wordless Wednesday you post a picture that is self explanatory and on Thursday Thirteen you make a list of anything you want. I thought this was really cute and I decided that I wanted to do it to spice up my blog a bit. I hope that the original creators of this idea do not get mad that I am stealing it - I just need something to make my blog a little more interesting - maybe I should get pregnant with quads or something like that......

The First Official Thursday Thirteen:

My 13 Top Favorite Albums of All Time!

13. A Grateful People (live) - Watermark

12. Some Hearts - Carrie Underwood (sadly)

11. I See Things Upside Down - Derek Webb

10. Wild Hope - Mandy Moore

9. All Of The Above - Hillsong

8. Indiana - Jon McLaughlin (A recent discovery but it has quickly become one of my favs)

7. Hot Fuss - The Killers

6. Blue on Blue - Leigh Nash

5. Speak For Yourself - Imogen Heap

4. OK Computer - Radiohead

3. Greatest Hits: My prerogative - Britney Spears (yes I'm serious, and her new album Blackout is AMAZING, I am believing for her comback!)

2. United Live: Best Friend - Hillsong

1. The Walk - Hanson

Disclaimer: Love and Do - Upfromunder is not on this list because it does not count. It is my all time favorite.

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