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New Years ReVolution

I have never been one to make a New Years Resolution. I'm not one of those crazy people that is totally against it, I just really don't see the point in it. So this year instead of making a New Years Resolution I decided to have a New Year Revolution and revoluntize my life!
The first step in revoluntizing my life: De-cluttering my life. You would think after 10 moves in the past 5 years I wouldn't have that much 'junk' but o my goodness - I have a TON of junk. So after I decided to revolutize my life I began de-cluttering. Now it is VERY hard for me to throw away stuff, I always have an excuse for keeping thing (I seriously have a small bottle of lotion that I didn't want to throw away because my grandma gave it to me for Christmas my freshman year) But with the help of my trusty ole friend Tambra I was able to successfully throw away junk that I no longer need.
It is such a good feeling to know that I have less clutter in the room and bathroom. I filled some storage bins, took them to the attic, threw away 'stuff' that I no longer need, did a little rearranging and now I feel rejuvenated!!

The next step for Revoluntizing my life is going to be: eating healthier. Yes that means cutting out my beloved soda pop. (tear) Monday I went the whole day without one sip of diet coke. I plan on going to a nutritionist in the near future to really get my healthy eating up and going. Right now I am eating a piece of cookie cake and drinking a coke - great start.

Some small plans of revolutizing include: taking better care of my fingernails and toes, putting lotion on my body more (I know that sounds completely weird but I have really dry skin and I never put lotion on sick!), taking better care of my car - including getting scheduled oil changes and actually washing it once (I seriously have a phobia of those drive through car washes so I have never taken my car through one, and I'm not going to hand wash it), Not buying as many clothes (part of the de-cluttering process), to get into the habit using coupons, and just loving others more. I'm excited!

So I challenge you to revolutnize an area of your life. It feels great! I wish Britney Spears would revoluntize her life.

P.S. I think I made up the work revoluntize - if you notice I spelled it several different ways.

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  1. Those are all great revolutions! If you ever need more help throwing things away, just give me a call. I love to toss things (much to Casey's chagrin).


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