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The Comeback Week

I have decided that this is officially The Comeback week.

First is the best comeback of all time: Lost. It has been 8 long hard months since we were last graced with this show - I know I sound like a freak to some of you, but my other Lost friends are in complete agreeance with me. (did I just make the word agreeance up?) The season finale left us wondering what the heck was going on and what was going to happen - and now finally we will get the answers - wait what the heck am I talking about? Lost NEVER answers any of our questions, they just leave us wanting more. And I'm sure with the writers strike we will be left in the dark even more. O well. I'm still watching it!

The Second comeback is one that was highly unexpected but still very exciting.
The New Kids On The Block are getting back together, seriously.
If you are skeptical check out this article here on
I Loved NKOTB (yes I'm that cool) when I was a little girl. Now I realize that I was probably much younger than most of their fans, but I was still star struck by them. I remember one time my dad was watching Arsenio Hall and he called me into the living room because NKOTB was singing a song off of their Christmas album. That is a weird memory but it has stuck with me. I also had New Kids On The Block posters, pajamas, and of course tshirts.
Considering I still listen to my Backstreet Boys and Nsync albums I will most likely purchase the new NKOTB CD. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival........

P.S. My favorite was Jordan.

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  1. I'm looking forward to your Wordless Wednesday, and of course totally awesome Lost Thursday!


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