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Thursday Thirteen

In honor of this wonderful day - this week's Thursday Thirteen will be..

13 reasons why I LOVE Lost!

13. Its an hour long
12. It gives you great background information on the characters
11. No underdeveloped characters
10. It is filmed in Hawaii - beautiful
9. It has 'real' looking people on it
8. In the midst of everything there are love stories: who does Kate love Jack or Sawyer? Does Jack love Kate? The way Charlie loves Claire and her baby, Rose and her husband and so many more.......
7. It is the fastest hour ever.
6. Polar Bears, Black Smoke, some creepy guy in a hut - always keeps you guessing
5. Cutie Jack
4. Most of the time they really do look like they are on an island. They aren't all done up
3. The twists and turns. We thought the guy with the beard was the leader...turns out creepy "Henry Gale" was
2. It brings people together! How many people have Lost parties?? And when you meet somebody else who watches Lost you immediately have a bond and start asking each other questions about what they think is really happening on the island. It is great!
1. The fact that it starts TONIGHT.

Disclaimer: Yes I know I am a nerd! Don't worry! :-)


Wordless Wednesday

So this is my first Wordless Wednesday, but I don't know if I can really go wordless. It is really hard! I can't just put up a picture and not explain: So this will be Wordful Wednesday!
This is my good friend Stephanie, she understands and shares my love for Beverly Hills 90210 and especially Dylan (that cutie patotie). She found this super awesome 90210 bag at Target and got if for you can tell from the picture I was REALLY excited. I love suprises, I love presents, and I love 90210 - this was perfect! I am thankful for all of the good friends in my life!


The Comeback Week

I have decided that this is officially The Comeback week.

First is the best comeback of all time: Lost. It has been 8 long hard months since we were last graced with this show - I know I sound like a freak to some of you, but my other Lost friends are in complete agreeance with me. (did I just make the word agreeance up?) The season finale left us wondering what the heck was going on and what was going to happen - and now finally we will get the answers - wait what the heck am I talking about? Lost NEVER answers any of our questions, they just leave us wanting more. And I'm sure with the writers strike we will be left in the dark even more. O well. I'm still watching it!

The Second comeback is one that was highly unexpected but still very exciting.
The New Kids On The Block are getting back together, seriously.
If you are skeptical check out this article here on
I Loved NKOTB (yes I'm that cool) when I was a little girl. Now I realize that I was probably much younger than most of their fans, but I was still star struck by them. I remember one time my dad was watching Arsenio Hall and he called me into the living room because NKOTB was singing a song off of their Christmas album. That is a weird memory but it has stuck with me. I also had New Kids On The Block posters, pajamas, and of course tshirts.
Considering I still listen to my Backstreet Boys and Nsync albums I will most likely purchase the new NKOTB CD. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival........

P.S. My favorite was Jordan.


Thursday Thirteen blog is pretty boring.

I have been reading other blogs and I found that some people have "Wordless Wednesday" and "Thursday Thirteen". On Wordless Wednesday you post a picture that is self explanatory and on Thursday Thirteen you make a list of anything you want. I thought this was really cute and I decided that I wanted to do it to spice up my blog a bit. I hope that the original creators of this idea do not get mad that I am stealing it - I just need something to make my blog a little more interesting - maybe I should get pregnant with quads or something like that......

The First Official Thursday Thirteen:

My 13 Top Favorite Albums of All Time!

13. A Grateful People (live) - Watermark

12. Some Hearts - Carrie Underwood (sadly)

11. I See Things Upside Down - Derek Webb

10. Wild Hope - Mandy Moore

9. All Of The Above - Hillsong

8. Indiana - Jon McLaughlin (A recent discovery but it has quickly become one of my favs)

7. Hot Fuss - The Killers

6. Blue on Blue - Leigh Nash

5. Speak For Yourself - Imogen Heap

4. OK Computer - Radiohead

3. Greatest Hits: My prerogative - Britney Spears (yes I'm serious, and her new album Blackout is AMAZING, I am believing for her comback!)

2. United Live: Best Friend - Hillsong

1. The Walk - Hanson

Disclaimer: Love and Do - Upfromunder is not on this list because it does not count. It is my all time favorite.


New Years ReVolution

I have never been one to make a New Years Resolution. I'm not one of those crazy people that is totally against it, I just really don't see the point in it. So this year instead of making a New Years Resolution I decided to have a New Year Revolution and revoluntize my life!
The first step in revoluntizing my life: De-cluttering my life. You would think after 10 moves in the past 5 years I wouldn't have that much 'junk' but o my goodness - I have a TON of junk. So after I decided to revolutize my life I began de-cluttering. Now it is VERY hard for me to throw away stuff, I always have an excuse for keeping thing (I seriously have a small bottle of lotion that I didn't want to throw away because my grandma gave it to me for Christmas my freshman year) But with the help of my trusty ole friend Tambra I was able to successfully throw away junk that I no longer need.
It is such a good feeling to know that I have less clutter in the room and bathroom. I filled some storage bins, took them to the attic, threw away 'stuff' that I no longer need, did a little rearranging and now I feel rejuvenated!!

The next step for Revoluntizing my life is going to be: eating healthier. Yes that means cutting out my beloved soda pop. (tear) Monday I went the whole day without one sip of diet coke. I plan on going to a nutritionist in the near future to really get my healthy eating up and going. Right now I am eating a piece of cookie cake and drinking a coke - great start.

Some small plans of revolutizing include: taking better care of my fingernails and toes, putting lotion on my body more (I know that sounds completely weird but I have really dry skin and I never put lotion on sick!), taking better care of my car - including getting scheduled oil changes and actually washing it once (I seriously have a phobia of those drive through car washes so I have never taken my car through one, and I'm not going to hand wash it), Not buying as many clothes (part of the de-cluttering process), to get into the habit using coupons, and just loving others more. I'm excited!

So I challenge you to revolutnize an area of your life. It feels great! I wish Britney Spears would revoluntize her life.

P.S. I think I made up the work revoluntize - if you notice I spelled it several different ways.