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Washington DC

So last week I took a little trip to our nation's capital: Washington DC. for a work conference. It was really great. I had never been to DC before and I am very grateful that I got to go. It is a great city (to visit). I learned how to hail a taxi and that the side of the White House that we see on TV is actually the back. Here are some of my favorite captures of the week.

The Lincoln Memorial - we took a night tour our first night - it was beautiful.

The WWII Memorial with the Lincoln Memorial in the background.

This is TJ. You might know him as Thomas Jefferson

Me With FDR. My favorite president

The Washington Monument at night. This thing follows your everywhere. No matter where you are standing in DC it seems like you are parallel to it. Kinda freaky.

The White House - home of every president except for George Washington. Don't be fooled this is the front - the side that we usually see on TV is the back! I was thoroughly confused until a police officer helped me out.

So, in order to go into the Capital you have to wait in line and get a ticket and then wait a little more and then go through security and wait a little more - all outside. The day we went it started pouring rain - and we didn't have a rain coat or umbrella. Who knew it was going to rain!?!? So I just tried to secretly slip under people's umbrella's when they weren't looking. It worked for the most part!

A view of DC. (notice the parallel-ness of the Washington Monument? freaky)

All in all it was a great trip. We were able to fit in lots of fun things and also learned a lot at the conference and made good connections with other schools. If you ever have the chance to go to Washington DC you should go. I really think that everybody should go at least once.


  1. Looks like it was a really fun trip!

  2. Aw! It looks so fun!

    This was a month ago...about time for another post!


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