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15 Years Later

Fifteen years ago today I became a big sister for the second time!! This was a joyous day in my life - once I got over the fact that I indeed had ANOTHER sister and not a new brother (which is what I really wanted)

I was 8 1/2 years old at this time and having a sister that much younger than me was just great.

I had a real live 'baby doll' to play with when I played 'House'. I took her for show 'n' tell in the 3rd grade, and if I couldn't find my homework in school I blamed it on my little sister, "my baby sister ate my homework!"

Although growing up, I often fought with my middle sister (Kati) Haley was so much younger than me that we usually didn't have anything to fight about. She was my 'cute baby sister' - how could you fight with that?

When I went off to college I found that as my life grew in Edmond I found less time to travel home to spend time with my family. While I'm sure it was a hard adjustment for everybody in my family this was particularly hard on Haley. One Christmas break after I went back to school she called me almost everyday for about a week, crying asking when I was coming home - while I felt bad and tried to find opportunities to go home - it was nice to be 'wanted' this much.

Then it all changed......

One day I came home - expecting the usual joyous response from Haley when I walked through the door. I walked in set my stuff down, hugged my mom, and yelled for Haley who was upstairs. Now remember, every other time I have come home I was greeted with a HUGE hug and excitement from my 'baby sister' but not this day as I waited at the bottom of the stairs for Haley to come down it took much longer than usual - then when she finally came down she stopped in the middle of the stairs and said "what are you doing here"

Shock and confusion both hit me at once! What happened to my 'baby sister' who got so excited when I came home?? Who watched America's Funniest Home Video's with me every night at 11:00, who cried when I left the house - Long gone were those days - in its place was something called "teenagerism"

I would like to finish this story and say that it was only a one time situation and she is back to getting excited when I walk through the door or cries when I leave, but that my friends, would just be a big fat lie. Just is a full blown teenager and I am just her nerdy, older sister. She was shocked when I told her that I too enjoy watching 'Life of Ryan' on MTV. I guess she thinks I am just a old dud!

Even though times have changed and the position that I hold in her life has changed, I am still her big sister (whether she thinks I am cool or a nerd). So happy birthday Haley! I love you!


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