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Goodbye Old Friend

Sometime during my sophomore year I discovered something wonderful: Diet Coke.

Now, I'm sure I had consumed diet coke sometime before my sophomore year - but it was during y sophomore year that I truly discovered it and somewhat became addicted to it.

Diet coke has been with me through good times and through bad. It goes perfectly with a bag of popcorn, a pepperoni pizza and nothing goes better with Mexican food than a big glass of diet coke. I can tell you the best place to get a Diet Coke and the best way to drink it (in a plastic bottle after it has been refrigerated overnight)

For years I have heard all of the reasons for not drinking diet coke. I know all of the side effects but I could never get rid of this love - until recently for some reason I decided it was time to give it up.

I initially began by just going down to one a day - It would be to hard to stop drinking it cold turkey - while this has worked for awhile I still feel that urge to take it out of my life completely.

So....I finally goodbye to Diet Coke last week - and I must say I have felt better - I can't really explain it but I have felt better - I don't have as many headaches, my throat feels better, I'm not as tired - it quite amazing. Hopefully I can keep this up.
Well I have to go now....I'm craving a Diet Coke.......................


  1. My wife is very proud of you. But as for me, I think I will go get me a DC. Great Post!

  2. I like your new lay out! Getting rid of Diet anything is definitely a good thing. I used to drink to with Sweet & Low but switched back to regular sugar a couple years ago.

  3. Did you really tell me last night that you stopped drinking it because you gained weight? I just remembered that.


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