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This is going to be a bit of a venting post: Please stick with me! :-)

OK, so last night I was cleaning my bedroom - and I had my TV on in the background. Well as I'm cleaning I hear a loud POP and my TV flashes and then goes out.

Now if I was a normal person this probably wouldn't be such a big deal- but I'm not normal; I'm obsessed with TV, I love it. I usually don't watch it all that much but I use it as background noise and I definitely go to sleep with it on.

So now I have a TV that is just a little over a year old that plays sound -but no picture, anybody want it?

The TV came with a 365 day warranty - but I don't have my receipt(seriously who knew a TV would explode just a year after you bought it)

As soon as it exploded last night I called the technical support number and asked them to help me - they told me I need to call and get my receipt faxed to me - So for the past 20 minutes I have been calling customer service to get my receipt. I have called 4 times and gotten disconnected ALL 4 times. Maybe God is trying to tell me something.

On a side note: Please disregard the post below, I started drinking diet coke again. I gained weight when I stopped drinking it - not worth it.

P.S. Make that 5 times I have now been disconnected from the customer service line. I am never watching TV AGAIN! Clearly I'm not supposed to.--

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