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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love this time of the year.
When students are going back to class
When the campus is filling up.
Young freshman are coming to campus, some anxious, some homesick, but almost all of them are not quite sure what they are getting themselves into. Just where will they fit?
Now that I work at the University I get to watch the transformation of the campus. When I first started working there this summer the place was empty, desolate - and then slowly students started showing up moving in and this made my heart happy.
My office window faces the University and I watch students: students going in and out of the bookstore, students driving around looking for a parking spot, students walking and talking with friends. I can see myself in each one of these students.
I am so grateful for the time that I had at college. I was not a person that was looking forward to going off to college - in fact I expected to move home at the end of the first semester, but what happened during that time is unexplainable. I became me. I found out who I was, what I wanted, what I liked. Not that I didn't know these things before but after I left home and "lived on my own" (if that's what you want to call it) I truly got to know myself. Those years were the fastest 4 years of my life. I continue to ask myself - why did I finish in four years? Why not stretch it out?
I love that I now work at the University and I get to watch the students - I was a student myself less than 2 years ago - yet it seems so long ago. Today one of the student workers in my office called me 'old'. I don't think I am old - but then I think to myself "they" never do.

I don't look back on my college years wishing that I was there - I love my life now. But I am thankful that I do have those years to look back on and reminisce. I hope that my entire life is lived this way. Looking back grateful for that time - learning from that time, loving the present, and looking towards the future.

P.S. That picture is from my freshman year in the dorms. I found this on Tambra's computer and felt it was appropriate for this post. What a fun time!


Vacation Time!

Recently The Boyfriend's family took us on a much needed relaxing vaca to the great state of Montana. We spent 5 nights at a lodge on the lakeside with a view of the mountains outside of our window. It was so great and beautiful. Here is a quick recap:

Long Song Lodge is the name of the Lodge that we stayed at - the name comes from the fact that every night we went to sleep to the sounds of loon's singing. I never figured out what the heck a loon was.
This is a view of our cabin from the edge of the dock.

This is Luke teaching me his natural Indian ways. Warning: Rowing a boat is not as simple as it looks!

There is really no particular reason we are laying in the grass, other than the fact that the weather was amazing and the grass was soft and comfortable. Like I said it was a relaxing time!

This is pretty self explanatory. Us at Glacier National Park. Lots of beautiful scenery. We never saw a bear. I was searching - but never got lucky!

This is in Glacier National Park on the Canada side.

Glacier National Park

The third day we went four wheeling in the mountains - so great!

After our four wheeling adventure - our rental car had a flat tire - so we had to hang out and wait for the new tire to arrive. While waiting we started a little game of baseball using a large stick and rocks - which is the explanation for the picture in my first post. I know it scared many of you. It was just a game - not a vengeful act! This picture above is actually Luke and Clint trying to teach me how to play baseball - apparently I do not know how to play even though I was an All Star Tee Ball Player in the 1st and 2nd grade!

Overall it was a great week! If you are looking for a great vacation spot I suggest Long Song Lodge in Kalispell, Montana!