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I'm Here!

Well I did it! I entered the world of Blogging!
I knew it would happen eventually - I'm such a sucker for these things!
Now, You may be wondering why exactly I have done this:
Let me explain - I don't really have a reason for doing it - I just though it would be something fun to do.
I have graduated college and I am now at the age where my friends and family are spread out in various cities. So I thought this would be a good way to keep in touch!
My hope is that you will go up to the upper right hand corner and click 'create blog' and start your own blog - that way I can keep up with your life.
Now I know that not all of you will do this (Jodi) but I am counting on some of my friends to join me in this adventure (Jayma - I know I can count on you)

In the mission statement of many church's they state something along the lines of 'Sharing Life with Others' Well that is what I want to accomplish through this blog - I want to share my life with you - and I hope you will do the same for me.
Even if you don't want to create a blog - you can check back here and leave me comments -
Believe me! This is just the beginning of all the fun! I am excited!


  1. hey,
    I found a spell check and it works as you add your comments.
    Been wanting a blog for a long time but they were either too complicated or too difficult.
    This one was easy but stubborn about making me use my Google account.
    Oh well, it worked.
    Thanks for getting me started.

  2. Now I need to know how to post my picture. I don't think I'll be waving a stick, but a simple way to add a picture. I don't have time for complicated 99 step procedures. e-mail me, please.

  3. Hey Megan, I found your blog - I look forward to more posts! Have fun in Tulsa :)


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